The TRAFFICK STOP television series focuses on Agents Kimberly “Kiki” Ball and Lola Vance — two quirky, young agents of the Special Unit Task Force who solve crimes related to children, teens, and young adults while trying to solve the cold case of Agent Ball’s cousin’s disappearance. When another girl is reported missing, they will stop at nothing to bring her back.

The goal of the pilot TRAFFICK STOP is to get picked up by a national network, online platform, or receive a grant to continue raising awareness for human trafficking in an unconventional way. Through the laughter and tears, Kiki and Lola will help viewers learn about victims of human trafficking, those who seek to end it, the perpetrators, and how this affects us all.

Watch our promotional trailer below.

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The pilot episode entitled WICKED GAMES is undergoing its final touches in post-production and will be making its way around the festival circuit in 2019. With your support, this show will find a great home and make the impact we know it will.

Together, we can end human trafficking.