Feeling unfulfilled while obtaining her MBA, she traveled to NYC to study acting at the William Esper Studio and it changed her life for the better. Though she first got her feet wet with stage acting, she fell in love with and successfully transitioned into the film and television world after appearing in House of Cards and Better Living Through Chemistry. She had starring and featured roles in Investigation Discovery’s Happily Never After and Alaska: Ice Cold Killers, as well as a featured role in Destination America’s Monsters and Mysteries in America and Wendy Williams’ Gossip Kills. She starred in several independent short and feature-length films. Additionally, she appeared in several local and regional commercials.

Disturbed by the lack of opportunities for people of color in Virginia and the industry as a whole, Julian delved into the world of screenwriting and television writing to create more opportunities. Her goal is to bring diverse and authentic stories to audiences worldwide. She hopes her stories are able to do these things: heal, inspire, unite, enact change, and get people to think. She has championed the cause of raising awareness for human trafficking because she believes slavery should not exist in the twenty-first century and refuses to ignore a problem when so many are suffering. She will fight with everything she has to see this injustice eradicated within her lifetime.

When she is not advocating, acting, writing, or producing, she is sparring with men twice her size. She firmly believes all women should be able to fight and defend themselves and she is quick to show interested women defense techniques and take downs. She holds the Triple Crown (kata, weapons, sparring) State Champion Adult Women Black Belt Title for the state of Virginia and is on her way to being a World Champion. She loves to do her own fight stunts in films. She is a retired semi-professional soccer player and former All-Atlantic-Coast Conference Division 1 scholarship athlete. She brings an elite level of athleticism, focus, discipline, and determination to every project she works on.