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“A herd of elephants charged my fatherʼs group while he was on a safari. Everyone else jumped in the vehicle to flee.  My dad stood his ground, camera in hand, and continued to snap away until the last possible moment…the result was one amazing photograph. I think thatʼs where it all started…hearing that story of my dad.”

Early work for Pegues was in the documentary world, editing documentaries for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic. This would pave the way to his realistic style in which he places the camera and carries out the edit.

Pegues worked under several talented directors such as Noam Murro, Spike Lee, and Darren Grant (Diary of a Mad Black Woman). In his early years he worked under acclaimed cinematographer, the late Fritz Roland.

His climb to the position of director was the traditional “Hollywood way”, having worked as an assistant editor, camera operator, and PA on several studio films and national spots, all the while honing his craft as a director.

His music video directorial debut starred Academy Award winner Mo’Nique (Precious) which earned him several best director wins in numerous festivals.  His debut feature film which he wrote and directed, launched the acting career of Al Shearer (Glory Road, MTV Punk’d).

Going back to his roots of documentary, his second feature film “How to Build a Rapper” starring Big Boi from the hit group Outkast, was an official selection in dozens of film festivals across the country. The acclaimed New York Film Academy has used the film in their academic studies at their Manhattan campus.

It was not until his study with highly acclaimed professor Judith Weston where he admits “I knew a lot about the craft, but so little about the actor.” It was during his studies with Weston where he believes he earned the title “an Actors Director”. ”

Pegues admits that his greatest influence comes from foreign films, with much respect to his favorite director, Wong Kar Wai.